D’Julz presents SILENT DRUMS

It’s a historic time for our planet, with half the world locked away in their homes. Feelings of isolation, bewilderment and uncertainty dominate. With everyone grounded and homebound this strange time is generating a wave of creativity, as artists channel their emotions into new projects. With Silent Drums D’Julz explores his back catalogue, excavating a selection of tracks and remodelling them for the home environment.

The Bass Culture boss decided to go a step further than simply reissuing his old productions, stripping away the kick drums to transmute his compositions. Muting the drums on each track has led to a total transformation; each cut assuming a new identity and purpose. The result is an album that feels poignant and affecting, perfectly aligned with the mood of today.

Stripping the drums away has allowed the deep emotions and rich textures to really come to the fore. The overall ambience negates the need for drums as bass, mids and tops conspire to enrich your mind, body and soul.

Experience moments of intensity, serenity, contemplation, joy, mystery and transcendence as D’Julz invites us to immerse ourselves in the world of Silent Drums…